Signs That Your Elderly Parents Need Help

Growing old is inevitable. As time pass by, our parents will age and become incapable of living on their own. It may not be something pleasant to anticipate but we must be prepared for it. Elderly people can be proud and they may not always reach out to you for help even if they identify their weakness. So you must look out for signs that suggest they need extra help and that they may not be so safe on their own.


Falls are common in the elderly as they tend to develop balance, vision and hearing issues. A fall in young age may not leave you with any injury but in the old age it is most likely to lead to a fracture that will cause pain, distress and agony. Most elderly persons fall and fracture their hip needing hip replacement surgery which is going to be costly and also may affect patient’s psychological health. The surgery itself may put them at more health risks as well. If your parents are having repeated falls, then it’s time to think of sending them to aged care homes in Greensborough where they will be well taken care of.


Dementia is a common disease of the elderly. They will start by forgetting minor things like where they kept their keys or to take their umbrella with them when they went out. But as the disease progresses they will start forgetting more serious things. They might get lost unable to find their way back home. They may forget to eat their meals. They may get suspicious of others as they have forgotten where they have kept their money. It is important to be patient and tolerant of these people as they cannot really help themselves. You may need to consult aged care services to take care of them.


As anyone grows older, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other diseases are common to develop. These require not only timely medication administration but also regular clinic visits, proper diet and lifestyle modifications. It might be hard to do all these on their own for some. If your parents are like them, it is best not to leave them to their own. Drug compliance may be lost which may lead to disease complications and poor quality of life.It is our responsibility to ensure good care of our parents. There is no one better than children that can identify whether their parents are capable of living on their own. Be considerate and attentive and recognize the signs before it’s too late.